Best SEO Gurus Around The World!

If you know something about SEO, you should know the fluctuation in SEO techniques and tactics. They are changing in nature and in every few months, the algorithms are updated. When one goes through SEO techniques, one must be always understand the new algorithms and strategies you should make. But, how to do so? Well SEO experts from all around the world usually help us to gain more information from the scratch. Today, we shall enlist the top and best SEO Gurus from all around the world.

Matt Cutts

Status: Google Web-Spam Head (Is on Holiday)

Matt Cutts Blog

When you enter the world of optimization, Matt Cutts is the name you should know first. He is the one who started all algorithms to minimize web spam throughout the internet. Most importantly, he came to the top of the list because he is taken as only one person from whom one can get latest updates and upgrades of Google. He hosts his own blog on his name through which he shares information to all SEO learners.

Rand Fishkin

Status: Co-Founder of MOZ and

MOZ Owner

If you have ever gone through SEO system named MOZ or the tool Open Site Explorer, it is the one which was created by Rand Fishkin. He is the one who started sharing SEO information and ways to tackle with new updates and upgrades.

Oleg Shchegolev

Status: Co-Founder of SemRush

Semrush Blog Owner

Semrush, not new brand for web-master around was co-founded by Oleg in the year 2008. This system is a web-ranking system that allows users to know the rank of their keyword in search engines of different locations. Oleg not only updates his system with latest algorithms but also shares info graphs through his blog.

Baba Pandey

Status: Start-up SEO and webmaster guy from Nepal.

Baba Pandey, digital marketing expert from Nepal (a small Asian country), is providing great seo services in nepal.

Aaron Wall

Status: CEO of SEO Book

SEO Book Owner

Among all the SEO guides online, this site is the oldest to notify you about SEO news. Aaron is the one who started this blog to offer some Do-it-yourself SEO guidance, which later was turned into eBook shop especially for SEO guides. The eBooks within the site is taken as one of the best seller.

Danny Sullivan

Status: Search Engine Land’s Editor in Chief

search engine land owner

Among all SEO entities, SEL is one with most of conference contents ever. If you really want to hear most of SEO contents, you better head over there. Apart from that, Danny also created a system for SEO analysis named Search Engine Watch; which is now under the license of Incisive Media.

Barry Schwartz

Status: Rusty Brick Inc. Owner

Rusty Brick Owner

Barry is not in this SEO Guru list because of his website, but because of his articles on Marketing Land. He is like Rand of MOZ, who quickly notifies the upcoming updates from search engines and also define the ways of overcoming them.

Andy Beal

Status: Founder of Trackur

Trackur Owner

Unlike other SEO Gurus who are lead in SEO techniques, Andy has background of working for high-end brands like Motorola and NBC. After working as web-tracker for long period of time, he finally made up his mind to design a brand new web monitoring system with uncountable features. We can get updated with the way of ranking through his blog.

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