How to Keep Articles Updated in Your Website?

Blogging or making a website is one thing and uploading contents is other. Each and every article you write must be relevant to what type of site you have. If not, your blog’s SERP is not okay. Even if you come with the best concept, for now, your content won’t be visited by people for an extended time. The biggest challenge for webmasters now is to update article regularly. Today, we shall discuss how to keep articles updated on your website.

Why is it Important to Update Articles?

It is important to update articles because the audience always wants to see the latest news. The information you have on your website might be outdated, and they might get nasty while people search for the latest news. The thing of optimizing won’t give you much when the content is old. Imagine something like going to old blog with an outdated post when you search for the new content through a search engine! Evidently, you think the site came into top because of off page SEO.

Why is Updating Articles Important?

If you are thinking the updating process is important only for SEO, you are all wrong. There are various reasons for which you should update your articles in a blog. When you do so, search engines like Google think it to be an alive site with much more contents. The main way of updating article is by just updating your older article as well.

How To Keep Articles Updated in Your Website?

There are various source and ideas from which you can keep articles updated on your site. Here I have listed some major ways to do so:

Update Best Articles

The very important thing that should be done is to update the best articles among all. If your website includes more than 100 items, scroll down to the most visited and most searched article and keep it in rank. When you do so, you can then move forward to the new phase. The thing you should do then is a search for the new news and information and then update your old article. You can either write {Updated} in your blog title or add a box for the update inside your post.

Either Delete or Update Articles

Your blog is never ending until and unless you no longer renew your web host and domain. If you are writing at least three posts daily, your annual posts would be around 1000 articles. But among the posts, some might have greater visitors and some might not. It can be so if your post is not with enough information. It would be rational either to delete or to update those articles. If you are thinking of updating those posts, it’s okay but if you aren’t and are going to delete; then you should redirect URLs to the homepage which is already indexed.

By performing these activities, I am sure; your website would be ranked as alive in search engines, mostly in Google.

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